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There is nothing on the market like the Cotton of the Carolinas t-shirt brand. TS Designs is leading the industry by bringing the entire process, from dirt to shirt, back within arm’s reach – or at least, a day’s drive. Everything happens within 600 miles. It’s not just USA made; it’s Carolina made.


These shirts are made from conventionally grown North Carolina cotton and you can track them through the entire supply chain back to the farmer. You can even meet the farmer yourself during our annual Cotton Harvest Tour. Try one on for size! They’re made from a super soft, medium-weight (5.4oz) ringspun fabric.

Track your shirt:


Go to their website,


Where Your Clothing is a new way to know about what you wear. Not only are all of our t-shirts made entirely in the United States, they have completely transparent supply chains. And when we say completely transparent, we mean it! Not only do we give you the location, but a name, photo, address, and even phone number for each member of the supply chain, from dirt to shirt.

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