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Secure your fascinators and ready the champagne—the Royal Wedding is almost here! Put your royal knowledge to the test for a chance to win a regal prize pack from your mates at UNC-TV.

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Week 1 Trivia Answers

Before joining the cast of the television show “Suits,” future princess Meghan Markle studied theater and international studies at what prestigious university?
Northwestern University

Queen Elizabeth II has famously owned more than 30 dogs of what small breed since her accession to the throne in 1952?
Pembroke Welsh corgi

In April 2016, Princes William and Harry filmed secret cameo roles for what iconic film series? (Their roles were ultimately cut because they were “too tall” for the role.)
"Star Wars"

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Week 2 Royal Wedding Trivia Questions


Question - Not Required - Which of these wedding traditions did Queen Victoria *not* popularize when she married Prince Albert in 1840?

Question - Not Required - Princess Diana was the first royal bride to omit what word from her wedding vows, which were taken from The Book of Common Prayer?

Question - Not Required - In 2014, Prince Harry established what international adaptive multi-sport event, in which wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel compete in a variety of sports?

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