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Date Rescued: July 8th
Rescue Location: Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (Jericho)
Date Released: TBD

"Sapphire" was seen on Jericho Beach on July 8th and then brought to the Rescue Centre. Weighing in at only a tiny 5.35kg, Sapphire is one of the smallest patients this season.

Pupdate: August 2 - Sapphire is making good progress in "fish school." She's eating herring with a little help. Sapphire is still tiny, and that herring looks massive in comparison to her -- but somehow she's making it work.

Pupdate: August 10 - Sapphire has been upgraded to the "big kid pool" as where she will learn how to compete for fish with other harbour seals... and she's still tiny!

By symbolically adopting Sapphire, you will be directly supporting the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre's efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and release marine mammals in distress.

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