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Symbolic Adoptions

Symbolic Adoptions

Rescued Seal Adoption Kit
Rescued Seal Adoption Kit

When you symbolically adopt a harbour seal, you are directly making a gift that supports the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, which is Canada’s only dedicated marine mammal rescue facility.

Each year, our rescue program saves over 100 marine mammals and rehabilitates them for release back into their natural habitat.

Your Aquadopt kit includes:
- Plush Harbour Seal
- Certificate of Adoption
- Harbour Seal Fact Booklet
- Harbour Seal Collector Card
- Tax Receipt (for the purchaser)

If you were looking to e-Adopt one of the current Rescue Centre patients click here.

By purchasing this unique gift today, you will be supporting the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre as they care for animals in distress. 

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