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Symbolic Adoptions

Symbolic Adoptions

Special Edition: Springer, Spirit and Storm Adoption Kit
Special Edition: Springer, Spirit and Storm Adoption Kit


Springer (A73) is one of the most well-known killer whales - her success as a mother now is the direct result of one of the most incredible wildlife rescues. After her mother died, Springer showed up alone and in poor health. After a joint effort between scientist, advocacy groups and government agencies Springer was reunited with her pod. Now Springer is mother to two calves of her own Spirit (A104) and Storm (A116).

Symbolically adopt Springer, Spirit and Storm in this Special Edition adoption kit, that contains: a certificate of adoption, Springer's Story Booklet, USB featuring killer whale sounds as well as the plush killer whale and killer whale fact booklet.  

By symbolically adopting Springer, Spirit and Storm you will be directly supporting Ocean Wise researcher's ability to study the social system of killer whales, monitor their health and body condition and identify conservation measures necessary to protect them.

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