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Welcome to the Ocean Wise Gifts Virtual Gift Store!

You can help keep aquatic life diverse and flourishing by sending a unique and sustainable gift to a friend or family member today.

Choose from a wide selection of real items that our teams use to conduct research, deliver education or provide care for our animals. Your generous donation will be equivalent to each item's value and you will have the opportunity to send a personalized e-card to your friend or family member to share the impact of your gift.

Search for items based on their category (Animal Care, Research, Rescue, Kids) or take a look through the entire gift catalog. From nightlights for coral, to sea monkeys for jellyfish, or enrichment toys for otters, the Ocean Wise Gifts virtual store has something for everyone!

Gift Categories
Sending a gift is simple and sustainable!

1. Choose your gift

2. Personalize and send your e-card (available once the purchase has been made)

3. Feel good knowing that Ocean Wise will use your donation where it is needed most to help support efforts to conserve aquatic life