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Tell them you support putting a price on carbon pollution

Vermonters have a great opportunity before us. By pricing carbon pollution we can provide Vermonters the resources they want to transition off of fossil fuels, save money on their energy bills and take a meaningful step to addressing climate change.

Your reps need to know you support putting a price on carbon pollution.

Craft the message in your own voice, but consider including these important points:

  • Vermont's recently-updated Comprehensive Energy Plan highlighted carbon pricing as an important tool to consider as we transition off fossil fuels.
  • A diverse stakeholder group of state leaders convened by the Vermont Council and Rural Development came together in the Vermont Climate Change Economy Council and called for the state to look at carbon pricing as a key strategy for helping us build the low-carbon economy of the future.
  • This proposal would reduce Vermont’s carbon emissions and help us meet our state goals for greenhouse gas reduction, weatherization and renewable energy
  • The revenues from this tax should be returned to Vermonters through tax cuts and assistance to save on home heating and other energy costs
  • An independent analysis conducted by Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) estimates that carbon pricing in Vermont would create over 2,000 jobs and increase Vermont’s Gross State Product by nearly $100 million

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