Urge your legislators to join the VT Climate Caucus

We have to make sure our state legislators understand that climate change must be a top priority for this session and for every legislative session from here on out.

Fortunately there is already a group of Vermont legislators who are very serious about climate solutions. This group is called the Climate Caucus and we need to swell their ranks and build their power. Can you use the form below to ask your legislators to be active members of the Climate Caucus in this legislative biennium?

Legislators respond to personalized emails -- so please take a few moments to compose something from you -- but consider including these two important points:

  • Explain that climate issues are important to you, and you want to see you legislators be active participants in the Climate Caucus this legislative biennium.
  • Remind them that the Climate Caucus meets Thursdays at noon in Room 10 -- and encourage them to attend.

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