Petition_Clean Energy_Button.pngPetition: Require Presidential Candidates to Release their Tax Returns!

There is no law requiring presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns, but for more than forty years every other presidential candidate but President Donald Trump has followed this customary norm so that voters can have a clear understanding of the financial interests and possible entanglements of the men and women seeking our nation’s highest office.

VPIRG supports a requirement that presidential and vice presidential candidates release their previous five years of tax returns in order to appear on the Vermont ballot. We need your help to show lawmakers that most Vermonters do as well.

Can you add your name to our petition telling state legislators you want to see Vermont require presidential candidates to release their tax returns.

We, the undersigned, support the following statement:

Dear Vermont Legislators,

For forty years, every major party nominee for president has voluntarily disclosed his/her recent tax returns -- until this past election.

Vermont should require presidential and vice-presidential candidates to release the past five years of tax returns to appear on the Vermont ballot.

Vermonters deserve basic transparency from our elected officials. We deserve to clearly understand the financial interests and possible entanglements of those seeking the nation's highest office.

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