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Protect, improve and expand our Bottle Bill!

Coke and the other beverage giants have hired lobbyists to try to eliminate Vermont’s popular Bottle Bill in 2018. We won’t let that happen. In fact, we have a better idea--let’s improve and expand the Bottle Bill by:

  • No longer giving away the millions of dollars in unclaimed nickels to the beverage industry
  • Covering more containers like water bottles and juice drinks
  • Increasing the deposit to 10 cents!
  • Please take a minute and add your name to the petition below to expand and improve the bottle bill AND keep our unclaimed nickels working for Vermonters.

    Expand our bottle bill and keep our unclaimed nickels


    We, the undersigned, support using unclaimed beverage deposits to fund universal recycling or other important state programs. Additionally, we support raising the deposit to 10 cents and expanding the bottle bill to include more types of bottles and cans such as water, juice, and sports drink containers.

    Please make expanding and improving Vermont's Bottle Bill a priority in the 2018 legislative session.

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