Petition to Vermont Elected Officials:
Cut carbon pollution. Save money!

Energy Independent Vermont supports a proposal for Governor Phil Scott and the General Assembly to slash electric rates for all Vermonters by putting a price on carbon pollution from fossil fuels, paid by the oil and gas companies that bring those fuels into Vermont.

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It's time for Vermont to take bold action for our environment and economy.

To Vermont elected officials

Dependence on imported fossil fuels drains money out of Vermont and keeps us from doing our part to tackle global warming.

There is a new plan to put a gradually rising price on carbon pollution and return the revenues to all Vermonters through reduced electric rates. This will accelerate Vermont's transition off fossil fuels to clean energy -- and strengthen our locally-based economy.

Please review the "ESSEX (Economy Strengthening Strategic Energy eXchange) Plan" and turn it into a bill for introduction in 2018.

By pricing pollution and reducing electric rates, we can accelerate the transition from fossil fuel-powered transportation and heating to powering those sectors with clean, locally produced electricity.

For rural and low- to middle- income Vermonters, we can provide additional rebates to help them reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and participate in the transition to clean energy.

This plan would:

- Strengthen the economy by discouraging the import of fossil fuels from distant states and countries at a cost of about $2 billion each year.

- Encourage conservation, efficiency and locally generated renewable energy.

- Keep more of our energy dollars local, spurring innovation and creating jobs.

- Prioritize low- and middle-income and rural Vermonters through additional rebates

- Cut carbon pollution

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