Urge your legislators to support the ESSEX Plan

Several business leaders, policy experts and low-income advocates recently introduced a proposal that could change the game when it comes to putting a price on carbon pollution in Vermont.

They're calling it the ESSEX Plan (An Economy Strengthening Strategic Energy eXchange), and this plan would slash electric rates for all Vermonters (with additional rebates for working-class and rural Vermonters) by putting a price on carbon pollution.

Because Vermont has some of the cleanest electricity in the country--this plan would go a long way to cutting our carbon pollution and do so in a way that strengthens our local economy.

In mid-January, State Senators Chris Pearson and Alison Clarkson introduced Senate bill S.284 based on the ESSEX Plan. On January 30th, State Rep. Sarah Copeland-Hanzas introduced a House version of the bill, H.791, with over 20 co-sponsers. Now we need to get even more legislators on board with them!

Use the form below to send your legislators an email asking them to support the ESSEX Plan legislation -- S.284 and H.791.

Legislators respond to personalized emails -- so please take a few moments to compose something from you -- but consider including these important points:

  • Take a look at S.284/H.791 -- a proposal that calls for cuts to electricity rates paid for with a price on pollution.
  • The ESSEX Plan will prioritize working-class and rural Vermonters with additional rebates
  • The ESSEX Plan will cut Vermont's carbon pollution and do so in a way that strengthens our local economy
  • All of our bordering states are looking at carbon pricing -- let's not get left behind
  • We are not seeing leadership on climate change from DC or from the Governor's Office -- we need to see it from you.

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