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Vermont already has a key policy in place to help you embrace low carbon, highly efficient heating and transportation alternatives. This policy, the Energy Innovation Program, is the most important single policy Vermont has ever adopted to reduce our carbon pollution.

At least one utility has already called for this requirement to be weakened, and we can’t let that happen.

Join us by signing the petition below to support the Energy Innovation Program and make sure we can help all Vermonters kick their fossil fuel habit.

What is it and why does it matter?

  • The Energy Innovation Program is also known as Tier III of Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES). Just as the first tier of the RES requires utilities to provide increasing levels of renewable electricity (starting at 55% this year and increasing to 75% in 2032), the Energy Transformation Requirement requires utilities to continuously ratchet up their support for their customers’ transitioning off of fossil fuels for heating and transportation.
  • Many utilities are already providing incentives for heat pumps, weatherization, and/or electric vehicles and if they’re not yet, they will be soon.
  • A lot of those programs help advance strategic electrification. As we’ve said before, strategic electrification is a win-win: it saves money and energy for Vermont’s families, businesses, and schools.

Support the Energy Innovation Program

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