There are over 3 million repair and reuse professionals in the United States. For decades, our repair businesses have provided a crucial service repairing and maintaining the electronic products that we use in our daily lives. We fix and reuse everything from smartphones to tractors, but our livelihoods are under attack by corporate monopolies. As the products we fix become more computerized, our industry faces new challenges. When manufacturers add software to products, they can limit repair to within their manufacturer-approved ecosystem.

Every manufacturer in the world can see that monopolizing repair is both easy and profitable. Any manufacturer can change their repair policies overnight, at no cost and no risk  -- putting American repair shops out of business, costing consumers money, and creating e-waste. The best way to restore competition in the repair market is to pass the Vermont Fair Repair Act. By joining our voices, we can restore our right to repair.

Add your name below to ask Vermont’s legislators to pass the Vermont Fair Repair Act, allowing Vermont consumers and businesses to repair the products they own. Thank you!

We, the undersigned, support the following statement:

Support S.180, the Vermont Fair Repair Act

Dear Vermont Legislators,

Repair is the lifeblood of local economies. Having the right to repair helps products last longer, saves consumers money, reduces electronic waste, and creates local jobs.

As business owners, we urge our legislators to pass the Vermont Fair Repair Act, which would provide the following:

Information: The documentation, software, and legal ability we need to repair our own products -- or choose someone we trust to do it for us.

Parts + Tools: Fair access to service parts and tools, including diagnostics.

Unlocking for Repair and Reuse: We should be able to unlock and modify the software and firmware that is required to operate our products.

Unencumbered Resale: We should be able resell our products (including the software needed to operate them).

Repairable Products: Designers should integrate design for repair and recycling principles into product development.

We urge our legislators to support S.180, the Vermont Fair Repair Act. Vermonters deserve the basic freedom to maintain, innovate, and improve upon our products.

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