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Last summer, news broke that Equifax one of the nation’s “big 3” credit reporting agencies suffered a massive data breach that exposed the personal information of more than 140 million Americans including hundreds of thousands of Vermonters.

This was not the first massive data breach to expose consumers’ sensitive data and it won’t be the last but it made clear that our elected leaders need to be doing so much more to protect consumers’ data and give them the proper recourse when that information has been compromised.

This legislative session, VPIRG is supporting a number of bills that would give Vermonters a better understanding of who has their data and put them in control of their own information.

If you’re concerned about data security and support VPIRG’s efforts to better safeguard Vermonters’ information add your name to the petition below telling Vermont legislators that data security and digital privacy is important to you.

I called the State House in support of the data broker bill!


I called my rep to let them know I support the data broker bill!

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