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Tell VT lawmakers to protect Net Neutrality in Vermont!

The Trump FCC has now officially repealed Net Neutrality -- effectively giving giant telecoms like Comcast and AT&T free rein to dismantle the fair and open internet that we’ve all come to rely on.

Fortunately we can and are fighting back at the state level:

  • Last year, the legislature passed and the governor signed VPIRG backed legislation preventing Vermont from awarding state contracts to ISPs that don’t adhere to Net Neutrality.
  • Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan has joined 21 other attorneys general in a multistate lawsuit to block what they’re calling the FCC’s “illegal rollback of net neutrality."
  • VPIRG supports going even further to establish clear net neutrality requirements for all Vermont internet service providers.

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Protect Net Neutrality in Vermont

To Vermont Legislators 

The Trump FCC's decision to dismantle Net Neutrality has the potential to destroy the fair and open internet that has become a bedrock of our democracy, economy and society.

This giveaway to the giant telecoms is a major blow to consumers, who will likely be forced to pay more for a fragmented and less accessible internet.

It's also a major blow to our democracy by tilting the playing field of speech and information toward those with the resources to afford it.

We, the undersigned, urge you to take whatever steps necessary to push back on this disastrous decision and preserve a fair and open internet in Vermont.

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