Petition_Clean Energy_Button.pngTake Action: Tell Your Senators to Support Expanding Appliance Efficiency Standards

This session, Vermont senators have the chance to pass H.410, an expanded appliance efficiency standards bill to help Vermonters use less energy and save money. Building off of the passage of H.411 in 2017, which protects existing appliance efficiency standards from federal rollbacks, H.410 expands to cover new standards.

The standards included in H.410 would save Vermonters $210 million on their home energy bills by 2035. Furthermore, H.410 would reduce carbon emissions to the equivalent of taking nearly 6,000 cars off of the road by 2025. 

Expanding appliance efficiency standards is a no-brainer for the climate and for Vermonters' bottom line.

The House passed H.410 with overwhelming support, and now heads over to the Senate. 

Tell your senators today: Support H.410 to help Vermonters use less energy and save money. 

Please use the form below to write a quick message to your legislators. Feel free to use any of the points below:

  • Using less energy is good for the climate and good for Vermonters' bottom line. 
  • Vermont can fight back against the attacks coming from Washington D.C. by passing expanded appliance efficiency standards today. Our leadership is more important than ever. 
  • Expanding appliance efficiency standards spurs innovation and will bring more efficient products to more Vermonters.
  • Energy efficiency standards save Vermonters $555 on average each year on electricity bills. Expanding appliance efficiency standards will bring even more savigs to Vermont households. 

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