TAKE ACTION: Urge your legislators to support Fair Repair in Vermont!

Vermont is not a throwaway state, but when it comes to our electronics we often have no other option.  When is the last time you even considered repairing your cell phone or computer? Large companies like Apple and Samsung don't particularly want you or anyone else to repair your existing product - they want you to just buy their new model.  This is not only bad for our wallets, but destructive for our environment.

It's easy and highly profitable for manufacturing companies to limit consumer repair options to within their manufacturer-approved ecosystem. But that limits consumer choices and increases consumer costs unnecessarily. And the problem can be easily solved as we've seen with automobiles. 

Vermonters deserve the basic freedom to maintain, innovate, and improve upon our products, making products last longer, saving consumers money, reducing e-waste, and creating local repair jobs.

Add your name below to ask Vermont’s legislators to support Fair Repair in Vermont, allowing Vermont consumers and businesses to repair the products they own. Thank you!

Support Fair Repair in Vermont

Dear Vermont Legislators,

Having the right to repair consumer electronic products that we buy and own helps products last longer, saves consumers money, reduces electronic waste, and creates local jobs. The problem is, many manufacturers refuse to release to consumers or independent repair shops the information and tools needed to repair the products that they make.

This puts Vermont consumers at an unfair and costly disadvantage when they can't even repair their own products. To fix this problem, we urge you to support Fair Repair legislation, which would provide the following:

Information: The documentation, software, and legal ability we need to repair our own products -- or choose someone we trust to do it for us.

Parts + Tools: Fair access to service parts and tools, including diagnostics.

Unlocking for Repair and Reuse: We should be able to unlock and modify the software and firmware that is required to operate our products.

Unencumbered Resale: We should be able resell our products (including the software needed to operate them).

Repairable Products: Designers should integrate design for repair and recycling principles into product development.

Vermonters deserve the basic freedom to maintain, innovate, and improve upon the products we own. Sufficient Fair Repair legislation will provide these consumer protections and is worthy of your consideration and support.

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