Urge your representatives to support funding an impartial study of carbon pricing!

The House Committee of Natural Resources, Fish, and Wildlife just voted to advance legislation that would commission a non-partisan, economic analysis of different carbon pricing options facing Vermont, including the ESSEX Plan. 

This is a huge victory towards putting a price on carbon pollution here in Vermont, and it's imperative that we keep up this momentum!

When it comes to climate action, there's not a moment to waste. An independent study can put the lies of the fossil fuel industry to rest and give our officials the information they need to move forward with carbon pricing and the ESSEX Plan.

Now that there's forward-movement for a carbon pricing study, we must continue the momentum in the entire House. 

Use the form below to send your House representatives an email asking them to support funding a fair, independent analysis of carbon pricing options in Vermont. 

Legislators respond to personalized emails -- so please take a few moments to compose something from you -- but consider including these important points:

  • A well-crafted carbon pricing plan like the ESSEX Plan is good for Vermont's people, economy, and environment. Please support a full, fair, and funded study of carbon pricing to explore the benefits.

  • With a lack of leadership from Washington D.C. and even our own governor, it's critical that you do all you can in your role to advance climate action. Please support legislation to fund an impartial study carbon pricing in Vermont. 

  • The misinformation spread the fossil fuel lobby must be put to rest. Please support a full and fair study to get the facts on how carbon pricing will really affect Vermont. 

  • All of our bordering states are looking at carbon pricing -- let's not get left behind. Please support an impartial and funded study of how carbon pricing can work specifically here in Vermont. 

  • I stand with the Climate Action Commission, the Vermont Mayors Coalition, the Climate Solutions Caucus, and the Vermont Climate Change Economy Council, and urge you to do the same by funding an impartial study of carbon pricing. 

  • A state-led, impartial study of carbon pricing will finally prove once and for all that carbon pricing is effective in boosting the local economy, protecting the most vulnerable from the volatility of dirty, imported fossil fuels, and reducing our carbon pollution. 

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