Take Action: Ban Corporate Campaign Contributions in Vermont!

Currently, Vermont treats corporations the same as people when it comes to the contributions they are allowed to make to political candidates. But corporations are not people and should not have the same influence as human beings over our elections.

Direct corporate campaign contributions at the federal level have been illegal for more than a century, and 22 states currently prohibit these types of political contributions. This year we have a real opportunity to make sure Vermont joins them in passing this long overdue measure.

Use the form below to add your name to the petition in favor of S.47, a bill to ban corporate campaign contributions in Vermont.

Petition: No More Corporate Campaign Contributions in Vermont

To Members of the Vermont House and Senate

I am concerned about the corrosive influence of corporate money on Vermont's political process, and I support S.47, a ban on corporate campaign contributions.

Corporate campaign contributions have been illegal at the federal level for over 100 years, and at least 22 other states have also prohibited this practice. I urge you to support a ban on corporate contributions and help Vermont pass this long overdue measure.

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