Add Your Name: Affordable, High-Speed Internet for All Vermonters!

Reliable, broadband internet access is essential in 2019. But the truth is, much of Vermont is lacking access to even the most basic internet service - and our state is nowhere close to achieving our goal of 100% fiber internet access (100mbps download/upload) by 2024.

That’s why this legislative session, VPIRG is ramping up our efforts to move policies that recognize the urgency of this challenge and make affordable, high-speed internet for all Vermonters a reality.

Lawmakers do seem to be grasping the urgency of this situation and some are really leading the way in pushing these policies and others that would help move Vermont forward in a way it hasn’t before.

Will you join this effort by using this form to add your name to our letter to lawmakers asking them to keep up this urgency and make expanding affordable high-speed internet access a priority?

Letter: Support Policies that Expand Affordable, High-Speed Internet to All Vermonters

To Vermont Legislators:

Reliable, broadband internet access is essential in 2019. It's how we conduct job searches, make important health decisions, maintain connections with friends and families, and become active participants in our democracy. And as technology advances true high-speed connections will be critical to our health, safety and economic well-being.

As more and more communities look at ways to take the issue of connectivity into their own hands, we, the undersigned, urge you to take actions that support these efforts and help community-owned fiber networks expand and thrive.

We appreciate the urgency you've given to this issue this session and urge you to make expansion of affordable, high-speed internet for Vermonters a priority going forward.

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