Ask your lawmakers to support H.477- the Equity & Infrastructure Act

If Vermont leaders choose to pass H.477: the Equity & Infrastructure Act, we will:

  • Expand one of the most effective anti-poverty tools at our disposal- the Earned Income Tax Credit- which helps over 40,000 families make ends meet.
  • Weatherize 25,000 low-income households and install 50,000 high efficiency heat pumps. 
  • Provide incentives for 35,000 electric vehicles. 
  • Button-up our schools and municipal buildings,  reducing energy use and property taxes. 
  • Install 8,000 electric vehicle charging stations and provide a quarter of a billion dollars for public transportation options like busses, trains and van pools. 
  • And, to protect our rural heritage, we’ll create a new rural Vermont tax credit.

This plan puts hundreds of Vermonters to work, and lowers the cost of living for tens of thousands more. It puts money in the pockets of working-class families that need it. And, by lowering our dependence on fossil fuels, it reduces pollution and cleans our air.

All of these investments can be paid for by charging fossil fuel corporations a fee for the pollution they currently spew into our atmosphere for free. By adding just 4 cents to a gallon of gasoline each year, we can fund the entirety of the Vermont Equity & Infrastructure Act. To put this in perspective, when fully implemented, gas will cost no more than it did last November.

Could you take a minute to use this form to contact your representatives in Montpelier and urge them to support the Equity & Infrastrucuture Act to deliver good jobs, clean air and a thriving economy?

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