Add Your Name: Tell VT Legislators it's time for 100% Clean Energy with more Efficiency and Electrification!

In 2020, we have an opportunity to add Vermont to the list of states taking the climate crisis seriously, and a key part of that will be passing the most ambitious 100% Renewable Electricity Standard in the nation and significantly expanding Vermont’s work on efficiency and electrification. The first step to doing so, however, is showing our state leaders that these policies have broad and enthusiastic support.

Add your name below to our letter to Vermont lawmakers in support of 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030 paired with far more efficiency and electrification.

Letter: I support 100% Clean Energy by 2030 with far more efficiency and electrification

To Vermont Legislators:

Getting Vermont to 100% renewable electricity statewide at the pace the climate crisis demands, while prioritizing local projects that build resilience for Vermont communities, is a critical step to cutting our carbon pollution.

What's more, switching to clean electricity isn't just critical for slashing the pollution that has historically come from the electric sector -- switching to 100% renewable electricity is going to be critical for cleaning up our heating and transportation through efficient electrification as well.

We, the undersigned, urge you to enact policies in 2020 that:

Require 100% renewable electricity statewide by 2030;

Significantly increase the requirement for newly built renewables (especially those built here in Vermont) -- far beyond the 10% by 2032 currently required, with a focus on community and grid resilience; and

Expand the efficiency and electrification work being done by Efficiency Vermont and our other utilities, to provide far more help to Vermonters in cutting their fossil fuel use for heating and transportation.

Thank you.

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