When you provide resources for a teacher’s professional development, you nurture and empower each student’s opportunity for success.

Make a Gift in Honor of Your Favorite Teacher!

ORT Teachers Fund

ORT training programs and seminars for educators, managers and principals help ensure that we retain our excellent teachers who can develop excellent students

A donation of $1,000 will enable one teacher to benefit from an ORT program like one of these:

  • Habek English study course:  Supplemental teaching hours and training in English
  • IT Training:  Training and support for teachers to expand technology capabilities
  • LEAD seminar and program:  Training middle managers to become educational leaders

Gifts of any amount are appreciated.

ORT International Seminar for Leading Educators – In honor of ORT Chicago Director, Barb Statland

ORT America is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, contributions to which may be deductible for federal income tax.

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