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Wildlife Craft Kit

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Wildlife Craft Kit

Cost: $30.00 (includes shipping and sales tax)

Shipping is limited to the continental United States and delivery can take 2-3 weeks.

This kit includes the following:

1 fox mask + 2 pipe cleaners (to secure mask on ears)

1 raccoon mask + 2 pipe cleaners (to secure mask on ears)

1 snake mobile + googly eyes +2 different colors of art sand + string

4 three-dimensional woodland critter cut-outs

1 hummingbird spinner + string

1 paper owl finger puppet

1 "birds and windows" template + 2 pieces black contact paper

1 paper bag otter puppet (includes pup)

BONUS: 2 nature scavenger hunt booklets (easy and challenging)

BONUS: 6 California wildlife cards (randomly selected and different from kit to kit)




WildCare's Virtual Wildlife Camp Craft Kit contains an assortment of delightful, engaging and educational crafts for all ages!