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Distance Learning Program Request Form


Please complete this form to request one of our Distance Learning Programs. We will contact you within five (5) business days to confirm the details of your reservation once the request has been processed.

Each program costs $100. Payment is due four weeks before each scheduled program. If you are scheduling less than four weeks prior to program date, a credit card payment will be required upon confirmation.

If you have questions about our Distance Learning Programs, please call 415-453-1000 x19 or email

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Habitats and Biodiversity
K-2nd grade, 45 minutes, $100
This presentation provides an overview of our state’s wonderfully diverse wildlife. From the redwood forest to the desert, investigate the amazing adaptations that help animals survive in their habitats.
The Vertebrates
2nd-3rd grade, 45 minutes, $100
Meet a bird of prey, a marvelous mammal, and a remarkable reptile! This program will reveal these animals’ habitats, diets, adaptations, and the threats they face in the wild.
4th-6th grade, 45 minutes, $100
By sharing their rescue stories, our Wildlife Ambassadors act as representatives for their species in order to increase awareness of their plight in the wild. Investigate the issues affecting wildlife, interdependence in ecosystems, and how we can make choices in our everyday lives to have a positive impact on our environment.



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Our Distance Learning Programs are 45 minutes long and include videos of three different Wildlife Ambassador animals, guided observations, and student interactions with a WildCare educator.

Please allow at least a 10 minute break between presentations (if there are multiple presentations in one day), and a half hour minimum break for lunch (if applicable).


Distance Learning Set-up

We present our Distance Learning Programs as a Zoom meeting. Upon confirmation of your reservation, we will send you a link to the meeting to share with your students. We can accommodate up to 30 students in each presentation.

We act as the meeting host to configure the settings and ensure smooth transitions between pre-recorded videos and live interaction.
You (or the teacher participating in the presentation) act as the co-host to admit students from the waiting room, help respond to Q&A, and call on raised hands by unmuting participants (or facilitate student engagement in the classroom).


We are happy to discuss specific ways we can meet you and your students’ needs and implement your school’s online security policies. By default, our presentations are set so that:

  • Passwords are required for entry.
  • The waiting room is enabled.
  • Students are muted throughout the presentation unless they are called on to ask a question.
  • Students may select to have their videos on during the introduction, Q&A sessions, and final reflection.
  • The spotlight will be on the WildCare educator and videos on their shared screen during the rest of the presentation.
  • Chat is disabled.


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