Fear Comes After the Shock.

When you hear the words “you have cancer,” you're numb, in shock… in a state of disbelief. That's how I felt in 2014 when my doctor gave me a completely unexpected diagnosis.

It didn't take long for fear and worry to set in. I was 44, had two young children, was working full-time and my husband's job took him out of town often. I knew so many people who had passed away…

And now I had just been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. It was frightening to think about what might come next, and I wasn't ready for it. I was stressed and anxious.

So you can imagine the great relief I find at Wellspring Calgary, and my gratitude for people like you who make it possible for me and so many others to rely on this amazing organization. Without you, our experience with cancer would be so much more difficult.

I agreed to share my story because I want you to know how truly important and appreciated your support is, and to ask you to give to Wellspring Calgary.

Your donation helps take away fear, and it helps heal bodies, minds and spirits. You also help ease financial stress.

A cancer diagnosis can be a real financial setback, so when you need to focus on getting well and on your family, the last thing you want to worry about is money, or having to go back to work before you're able.

Access to wonderful programs and resources without charge – because donations like yours provide 100% of the funding – has helped me get to a place where cancer doesn't define my daily life.

You often hear that cancer is life-changing. It has been for me.

I expected treatment: surgery, chemo, radiation. I didn't expect to have “brain fog” and memory loss. Tired, skinny and weak, I still thought I could go back to work full-time. I wasn't ready then, and now know I need to focus more on my health – to move from the “sick” to the “healthy” phase of life.

Every donation you make to Wellspring plays a part in healing.

Every program, facilitator, strong shoulder, caring hand, tip and trick learned through Wellspring gives me a healthier outlook, and helps me make the best choices for me and my family.

Your support even made it possible for my mom and I to take a couple of programs together. Living overseas, she worried about me. It wasn't until she came to Calgary and could be part of this amazing community for a few weeks that she could see me not as someone who was sick, but as someone who was getting well. I couldn't share my diagnosis and treatment with her, but this community and these programs I could share. And we both treasure it.

Cancer is still a scary disease for me, but thanks to generous donors like you, I have tools to deal with it better, and I am less frightened.

My outlook on life has changed, and I see the world through new eyes. I am more relaxed, at ease, and more in tune with my physical and mental health. I am also more compassionate, and understand how it feels when your body fails you.

I am more hopeful, positive and optimistic about the future. Your gift makes this healing possible – and I am deeply grateful.

Please donate today.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Anje Hartman

Anje Hartman

Thanks to people like you, I can leave cancer behind me a little bit. When you donate, you make that – and so much more – possible.