Light It Up 2016

Thank you for wanting to take part in the 2018 Light It Up Calgary fun walk/run!  This year's event will be on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 8pm at Eau Claire Market.  To take part, click on one of the options below:

Register Here

CLICK HERE to register for the 2018 event - Walk 3KM or 5KM, Run 5KM or 10KM

Donate Now

CLICK HERE to donate directly to Wellspring Calgary if you can't join us or sponsor someone else.


A note from Wellspring Calgary's Executive Director, Patti Morris:

I invite you to take part in Light it Up Calgary, an event hosted by a group of inspiring Calgarians eager to support Wellspring Calgary and our members. This unique and very fun evening run/walk is intended to raise both awareness and funds to support Wellspring Calgary. 

Join Patti Morris' Team

Community support — the same grassroots support that has been instrumental in nurturing Wellspring Calgary since its establishment will be there as we walk and run together.  Together we will continue to ensure that programs are freely available for everyone who needs them.

Wellspring Calgary is a beautiful example of what happens when people come together to make a profound difference in people’s lives. We believe no one should have to face cancer alone — and I invite you to play a role in making that possible.  Join my Light It Up Wellspring Calgary team today!

Sponsor Someone

CLICK HERE to sponsor someone who is participating in the event!