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Wide Horizons For Children
Gift Catalog

A gift to this fund helps improve the future for a child wherever and how ever the need is greatest in that moment. Your gift might help a child with special needs in China find their forever family. Or it might feed a family in Ethiopia. Or help a little boy in an orphanage in Moldova get the nurturing he needs to thrive. Make your gift quickly and easily -- and feel proud knowing it's going to be put into action immediately to help a vulnerable child or family. Your gift will benefit at-risk children in Ethiopia, Burundi, Guatemala, Colombia, Moldova, China, South Korea, the Philippines, and India.
Notebooks and school supplies are required for kids to learn. When you make a gift to cover supplies, a child can focus on learning instead of worrying about whether they have what they need for school. $16 provides a notebook and other supplies for one child for the entire school year. Or give more to make sure more kids are prepared for school.
Kids learn through play, but orphanages are stretched thin -- and often have nothing left over for toys. Or the toys they have are broken and no longer safe to use. Your gift of $16 will buy a new toy that kids in an orphanage will get to enjoy for years. Think of how many smiles and happy days you'll give a child for just $16!
Give an orphaned or abandoned child the gift of joy through art. Art is a powerful way for kids to learn, express their feelings and explore their imaginations. $26 provides enough paint, paper, markers, and other arts and crafts supplies for one child living in an orphanage. Your gift brings color to their world and smiles to their faces!
Hungry families face malnutrition, poor health, and worse. Going hungry affects children the most, impairing their physical and cognitive development. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this even more critical. You can help. For just $38, you'll feed a whole family for a full month. Your gift delivers a basket of nourishing food for the entire family. Give life-saving food and you give a family the chance for better health and a brighter future! Your gift will benefit a family in Guatemala, India, Ethiopia.
Without your gift of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), our staff on the ground would struggle to keep the at-risk children and families they care for safe from COVID-19. You are protecting them and helping prevent the disease's spread with your gift of masks and hand sanitizers. Your gift will benefit families in Ethiopia, India and Guatemala.
Feed a Hungry Child for 1 Month $40 Food is a lifeline for a hungry child. When kids have enough to eat, they can focus on learning instead of the ache in their bellies. For just $40, you can provide a full month's worth of food for kids ages 5-16 in Ethiopia. Your gift includes two nutrient-rich meals per day during the school year. The gift of food for a hungry child is a lifeline that improves their chances for a brighter future.
Starting a small business or growing an existing one is a way for families to feed their kids and stay out of poverty. Your gift of $54 for one month's rent for a market stall offers a small business owner a place to sell their wares and a chance to make life better for their families. Thanks to you, they'll go from surviving to succeeding!
Children all over the world look forward to their birthdays. Kids without families to call their own are no different. Even though they live in an orphanage, they deserve to celebrate their special day just like other boys and girls. Your gift of $76 can give them that chance. You'll provide a birthday party complete with food, gifts and decorations sure to bring a huge smile to their faces! When you give, you won't just be wishing them a happy birthday -- you'll be telling them they matter.
Give a family in Ethiopia the chance to earn extra income, improve their lives and dare to hope for a better future. A gift of $85 provides a family with everything they need to start a business selling injera, one of the most common food staples in Ethiopia. Imagine the dignity and pride you'll make possible when a family is able to supplement their income so they can provide for their children -- all thanks to your generous gift!!
Girls living in poverty often spend their days caring for their families or working instead of attending school. Your gift can change a young girl's whole life by providing school supplies, clothing, tutoring, and personalized support so she can complete a year of school. The gift of education is the best way to help a child realize her potential and give her a healthier, brighter future.
Kids in orphanages often arrive neglected and malnourished. Resources and staff are always stretched thin, and the COVID-19 pandemic has stretched things to breaking point. You can help make sure an infant gets the essential nutrients they need to help their growing brains and bodies. Just $100 provides infant formula to an orphanage for one entire month. You can make a life-saving difference for a very young child! Your gift will benefit an orphaned child in Guatemala.
You can equip women living in slum communities in India with the skills they need to help support their families. Just $150 can send one woman to classes to learn a new trade, get one-on-one counseling and lean on the support of other women. Many who complete these classes go on to become community leaders and even start small businesses of their own. What an incredible gift!
You can give six months of support to a child with a disability. These kids require special equipment and other resources that are very costly. Your gift of $208 will help cover these costs for six months. Imagine the joy a child will feel knowing they have you in their corner to help get them the care and attention they need! Your gift will benefit a child in the Philippines.
You can help a mother or father get a fresh start by helping them start a new business. A gift of $250 provides a grant to get a new business off the ground or expand an existing one. Hard-working parents can earn income, become self-sufficient, and pave the way for a brighter future for themselves and their children. A small business grant is a down payment on a family's future an incredible gift!
Every child deserves a family. For $500, you can help share in the cost of finding a loving home for an orphaned or abandoned child with special needs. Your incredible gift will fund critical resources needed to help parents waiting with open arms to adopt and care for these kids. By choosing this gift, you'll be bringing a child all alone in the world closer to a forever family all of their own. Your impact will be priceless! Your gift will benefit a waiting child in China, South Korea or the Philippines.
In rural Ethiopia, families don't have access to even the most basic medical care. Without proper attention, simple medical issues can become fatal. You can help an entire community by providing a life-saving gift of training for health workers. You'll make sure there is much-needed medicine and the right care for vulnerable families, and you'll help educate them so they don't have to suffer from medical ailments that are entirely treatable.