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Ask eBay to prohibit the sale of live animals on their site

eBay does not allow the auction of animals but does allow breeders to list animals for sale in their Classifieds section.  Reputable breeders meet the families who are buying one of their animals and would therefore not use the eBay Classifieds section to sell an [object Object]animal.  Because of a loophole in the law, there is no USDA oversight of breeders who sell animals directly to consumers through the Internet.  Many disreputable breeders and puppy mills breed and raise animals in poor conditions and sell these animals through the internet, which places both animals and consumers at risk.  Unsuspecting consumers may purchase these puppies, unaware of their origin and the potential health and behavior issues that these animals often face.

Take Action!
Please let eBay know that consumers and concerned citizens oppose the listing of animals for sale on eBay.  To do so, please go to this link and paste the email below in the “Message” box.  You’ll also need to fill in your name, E-mail address, and message title.  Under the subject category, please select “Other.” 

Title: Please stop listing animals for sale

As a potential eBay customer, I urge you to remove live animals from your Classifieds section.  I know that eBay cares about the welfare of animals and, to that end, has created a partnership with Petfinder, a database of animals at rescue groups and shelters seeking homes.  I applaud that decision and ask you to be consistent in your support of animals by not allowing live animals for sale to be posted on your site. 

Reputable breeders meet families who are buying one of their animals and would therefore not sell animals through the Internet.  Furthermore, the USDA does not have oversight of breeders who sell animals directly to the public through the Internet.  This lack of oversight means that even those who are breeding animals in poor conditions can sell animals on the Internet, placing both animals and unsuspecting consumers at risk. 

Again, I urge eBay to reconsider its decision to allow live animals for sale in your Classifieds section.  I’m sure that thousands of your customers and potential customers feel as I do.  Thank you for your careful consideration of this important issue.

Thank you,

(Your name)