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Dog fighting app available through the Android Market

KG Dogfighting, an application in which players prepare their dogs to fight, is available through Google’s Android Market.  The application’s icon features a Pit Bull with blood on his muzzle.  Through KG Dogfighting, players are encouraged to engage in gruesome virtual practices to train and fight dogs.

Advocacy Dog Fight pit bullThe Wisconsin Humane Society is opposed to any promotion of dog fighting.  We are especially concerned that children will use this app and may become desensitized to violence against animals.  Additionally, widespread use might change societal attitudes about dog fighting, making the practice socially acceptable. 

Dog fighting is anything but acceptable.  Dogs suffer horribly at these fights, and dog fighting affects the social fabric of our community.  Drugs, gangs, gambling and weapons are often present at dog fights, leaving areas where dog fights happen more susceptible to crime.  

Take action!
Please ask Google’s Android Market not to offer the KG Dogfighting application. 

You can also fill out Android Market's form to report inappropriate apps.  You’ll need to fill in the application and developer names (KG Dogfighting and Kage Games, LLC). 

Note:  This app was previously available under the name Dog Wars.