Pet Walk Green Bay

Let's Support Animals Together
Let's Support Animals Together

Pippa Pepper's Petal Pushers

Miss Pippa Pepper is our official Itty Bitty Flower Shop Kitty here at Petal Pusher.  We adopted her from WHS in October of 2016.  We are forever appreciative of the fact that they saved her (along with her little kitten, Arya), nursed them both back to health and helped Miss Pips find her way to us.  (And Arya found a wonderful home as well.)  In gratitude, we are fundraising for PetWalk and we hope you'll help us do that!  

Together, we can help our Green Bay Campus provide care to more than 5,000 animals this year and continue the promise that every animal in the adoption program has as long as it takes to find a forever home at the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Every little bit helps save the lives of animals who need us the most!

Can we count on you to support the animals too? 


Thank you, on behalf of Miss Pips, her ladies at Petal Pusher and all of the animals WHS helps!  




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