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Let's Support Animals Together
Let's Support Animals Together

Disney Dogs

Hello! I'm glad that you're here!

Although I have not personally adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society, I have adopted from a foster based rescue. Let me tell you, when you give an animal a new home, it is like giving them a new life! Pups and cats have held such a huge place in my heart and I have no hesitation in stating that my pups have literally saved my life in such hard times dealing with the impossible. I want to help raise money so that others will be able to find their forever animal, like I have!

Feel free to join us! We love and welcome all who share the same passion for animals and who have the same want to just have fun!

As for our name, I was trying to find something that would be fun, and kind of catchy! So I decided on Disney Dogs, I have always associated Disney with happiness and this is what I hope will be the outcome of the animals that we will be able to help with your donations!

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible"-Walt Disney

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