2024 Pet Walk GB - our 25th Anniversary

Beware - Bullies will steal your Heart!
Beware - Bullies will steal your Heart!

Bully Love ❤️

Thank you for visiting our team page for Pet Walk GB, to raise funds for WI Humane Society in Green Bay

Your participation raises awareness of this cause, which is close to my heart. All of my dogs were rescued adult bullies, adopted from shelters like WHS. I have fostered some too. ♥

Together, we can help care for vulnerable animals, and give every animal as long as it takes to find a home.

See my team's fundraising goal?

Please make a donation or join my team so we can raise funds together. Every little bit helps save the lives of animals who need us the most! Please also consider fostering or adopting shelter animals. They have so much love to give. ♥

Can we count on you to help?


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