2020 Virtual Pet Walk MKE

Sophie Grace (15 yrs old)
Sophie Grace (15 yrs old)

Sophie's Squad

Join us for Wisconsin Humane Society's VIRTUAL Pet Walk MKE!

Due to covid concerns, we are taking our walk VIRTUAL this year!!  Join us on June 20th for a walk or run in your neighborhood, on your treadmill or even around your house, to support WHS! 

The Pet Walk is one of my favorite days of the year and it's one of the largest fundraisers for WHS so I'm super bummed we can't be together in person.  That said, going “virtual” definitely doesn't change the importance of such a community-supported event. We're counting on our supporters now more than ever to ensure that we can continue to provide lifesaving care to the animals who need us most.

This is a cause so close to our hearts as we've personally experienced the impacts that organzations like WHS have on saving the lives of animals.  And in our case, abused and abandoned animals. 

Sophie was abandoned at 10 years. We now believe she was bred for puppies in a very unhealthy environement that led to an emergency c-section which ultimately left her unable to breed and therefore she was no longer desired by her owners.  She was dropped off with no medical records and in really rough shape.Six months after adopting her she started going into heat (and we thought she was spade!) and had to have surgery.  What we thought would be a routine procedure ultimately ended up saving her life.  When the doctor went in, he found that the c-section was done so poorly that it was causing massive cartalidge buildup.  Her organs were clumping together and sticking to the inside walls of her body and her intestines were starting to twist.  He told us she literally could have died at any moment.  The procedure saved her life. 

Almost 6 years later and our little Sophie Grace is living her absolute best life.  She is safe, happy and so incredibly loved.  We have been patient with the behaviors that are a result of her past and find so much joy in all the ways she's transformed as a result of our love and care. 

While we may not be physically walking together on June 20th, we can still stand together to support the needs of animals like Sophie.  Whether you can support with a donation or by joining our team, every little bit helps save the lives of animals who need us the most!

Sophie's Birthday is on 9/17 so this year's fundraising goal is to raise $917!

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