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Let's Support Animals Together
Let's Support Animals Together

Canines Care

Welcome to CANINES CARE: a team for dogs and their owners and all those who wish to support the great work of WHS. 

WHS has a range of capabilities and a proven track record that sets it apart.  WHS operates shelters, clinics and numerous programs in our community.  As the largest and oldest animal welfare organization in the State, it has the capacity to perform emergency, large scale save and rescue missions of companion and wildlife animals from horrible conditions as demonstrated time and again.  



The facts speak for themselves.  Despite many challenges in 2020, WHS

- Found homes for 9,756 companion animals.

- Served 4,253 young people in our youth programs.

- Performed 10,932 surgeries, including 4,852 of these surgeries in the community's first high volume/low cost spay/neuter clinic.

- Cared for 4,551 wild animals at the WHS wildlife rehabilitation center.

- Ran programs to end animal abuse---a known precursor to child abuse.

- Cared for at risk pets of victims of domestic violence.

- Helped feed pets of families in need.

WHS relies on community donations.  You can help WHS continue its good work by (1) sponsoring the Canines Care by clicking on the Donate button on my personal page (2) registering to join the virtual team walk or run on June 19 by clicking on the Join Team button on this page or better yet, (3) doing both! 

Thank you in advance for your generosity. 

Dave Hecker

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