Pet Walk MKE 2024

Join Our Team & Help Animals!
Join Our Team & Help Animals!

Abbey Road and Friends

We're so excited to be participating in Wisconsin Humane Society's Pet Walk! This year, our team is joining thousands of animal lovers and their furry friends to support an incredible cause - and we need your help.

Please consider supporting our team - and the animals - by making a donation today. Your gift — no matter the size — will help ensure that the Wisconsin Humane Society can continue to be there for animals in need.

The animals who come through their doors are full of love in so many ways - they're cuddly, they're looking to play, they're goofy - but they are also some of the most resilient animals you will ever meet.

As hard as it can be to ask you - my friends and family, seeing the amazing success stories of these animals makes its easy. Life has thrown a lot of curveballs at them, yet they still can't wait to bond with their new family. While at the shelter, they heal, play, and even learn a few new tricks, and WHS is there to encourage them every step of the way.

Will you join us in helping the animals who need us most?

Please donate now!

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