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 Capitol Steps 2018 Pic


DATE: Thursday, March 1, 2018

TIME: 7:30 p.m.

LOCATION: Trinity Preparatory School, 5700 Trinity Prep Lane, Winter Park, FL  32792.  Parking is free.

Capitol Steps began as a group of Senate staffers who set out to satirize the very people and places that employed them. Most cast members have worked on Capitol Hill; some for Democrats, some for Republicans, and others for politicians who firmly straddle the fence. No matter who holds office, there's never a shortage of material. Says Elaina Newport, "Typically the Republicans goof up, and the Democrats party. Then the Democrats goof up and the Republicans party. That's what we call the two-party system."

No matter who or what is in the headlines, you can bet the Capitol Steps will tackle both sides of the political spectrum and all things equally foolish. What more would you expect from the group that puts the "MOCK" in Democracy?!

There will be reserved seats.  The seats are assigned on a first come/first serve basis. TICKETS WILL BE MAILED IN JANUARY OF 2018.


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