COMBO: Bone-anza Collection 2 DVDs, Book and Workbook

COMBO: Bone-anza Collection 2 DVDs, Book and Workbook

COMBO: Bone-anza Collection 2 DVDs, Book and Workbook
This COMBO includes the Bone-anza Collection: 2 DVDs, Book and Workbook

Item: DVD, Stronger Bones, Longer Life Exclusivity Term: Exclusive 6/4/16-6/3/19 Extra Material: A bonus section where Dr. Lani Simpson answers the most frequently asked questions and concerns she hears from her patients. Over 20 minutes in length. Description: Healthy bones hold the key to remaining mobile, engaged and independent in life. In this special, Dr. Lani Simpson, an expert in bone health and osteoporosis, instills hope and leads viewers in understanding how to take charge of their bone health and retain their independence. Dr. Simpson draws on her wealth of knowledge and lifelong enthusiasm for bone research to illustrate how our bones grow and function; in straightforward talk, she describes what osteoporosis is and the tests to determine if we have it; she offers valuable insights on the best diet and nutritional choices for our bones, and demonstrates simple exercises that promote bone health. She also shares compelling information on how to avoid dangerous — and often life threatening — fractures. With passion and clarity, Dr. Simpson reveals how the lifestyle choices we make throughout our lives can have a direct impact on the health of our bones, and what viewers can do now — for themselves and their children — to help prevent osteoporosis and build and maintain bone quality at any age, and any level of bone health. Running Time: Approx. 60 minutes with 20 minutes of bonus Q&A DVD, The Healthy Bone Collection Exclusivity Term: Exclusive 6/4/16-6/3/19 A DVD with four individual programs created exclusively for PBS by Dr. Simpson. Each program focuses on a topic area of importance to bone health, to deepen and enrich the information presented in the pledge program. (Four programs total nearly 2 hours running time.) PROGRAM 1: “The Right Moves: Exercises for Stronger Bones” Dr. Simpson demonstrates exercises designed to improve balance, maintain healthy posture, and strengthen bones. She begins with exercises that can be done at home, and then moves to what she calls her “outdoor gym” - showing exercises that can be done in a park or any outdoor area. Viewers learn the proper body mechanics and exercise tools to reduce injury and fracture, and safely build stronger muscles and bones. (34:30) PROGRAM 2: “Fracture-Proof Your Surroundings” Dr. Simpson shows how to “fracture-proof” your home and the area outside your home. She points out key hazards and shares easy-to-implement solutions. For the outdoors, she offers critical safety tips about your home’s entrances, walkways and outside stairs. And for areas beyond the home, she demonstrates the use of proper shoes and how to build curb/street/path awareness. (20:00) PROGRAM 3: “Feeding your Bones” Building stronger bones is not only smart — it’s delicious! Dr. Simpson invites Holistic Bone Health Coach, Irma Jennings, into the kitchen to cook up satisfying, easy-to-make dishes that feed our bones. Four great tasting recipes are cooked up, and the bone-healthy nutrients in each of them are described. (31:00) PROGRAM 4: “Minding your Bones” An insightful and powerful conversation between Dr. Simpson and her friend Patricia Ellsberg an active 78-year-old mindfulness expert and meditation teacher. Both of them have osteoporosis, and have a rich, deep discussion on how being mindful and aware can greatly reduce the chances of having a fracture prepping the mind to safeguard the body. They also discuss their personal journeys to feeling physically confident again. In addition, Dr. Simpson shares a few preventable fracture stories from her personal survey of over 100 patients. (25:30) Running Time: approx. 2 hours Paperback Book, Dr. Lani’s No Nonsense Bone Health Guide Exclusivity Term: NOT exclusive to PBS stations A comprehensive “go to” source on the subject of osteoporosis and bone health. In-depth chapters on understanding osteoporosis; how your bones grow; how to avoid fractures; rating your personal fracture risk; bone density testing, including an appendix on how to read and understand your own test results; osteoporosis medications; nutrition and exercises for bone health, and more! All of these topics are written with clarity and the purpose of making the information easily accessible and understandable to the reader. Workbook, Your Personal Guide for Better Bones Exclusivity Term: Exclusive 6/4/16-6/3/19 An easy-to-carry 50-page book consolidating useful information, checklists, and personal questionnaires that will help you keep your bones healthy. A companion tool to the 4-program DVD, “Keeping Your Bones Healthy!” includes: -Simple Steps to Avoid Fractures A home safety checklist Tips on preventing falls and fractures with mindfulness -Bone-Strengthening Exercises Easy-to-follow print versions of bone-strengthening exercises from “The Right Moves” DVD program Easy-to-follow print versions of balance exercises -Bone-Healthy Recipes (featured in the DVD program “Feeding Your Bones”) -Additional Bone-Healthy Recipes (from Dr. Simpson and Irma Jennings) -Bone Health Tools Checklist for secondary causes of osteoporosis and increased fractxure risk Questionnaire to help you assess your own bone health Questions to ask your health care provider about your bone health Paperback: 60 pages
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