Pain Free Living Collection: 6 DVDs, 1 Book, 1 E-Book, Lumbar Support

Pain Free Living Collection: 6 DVDs, 1 Book, 1 E-Book, Lumbar Support

Pain Free Living Collection: 6 DVDs, 1 Book, 1 E-Book, Lumbar Support
Pledge for the Pain Free Living Collection, which includes 6 DVDs, 1 book and 1 e-book as well as a lumbar support.

Item #1 - LIVE PAIN FREE by Lee Albert Paperback book - Developed by neuromuscular therapist Lee Albert, NMT, Integrated Positional Therapy (IPT) incorporates techniques such as Strain/Counter-strain, Muscle Energy Technique, stretching and home care to re-align the body’s structure and relieve pain caused by structural imbalances. IPT effectively treats pain patterns caused by injury, stress, repetitive strain, postural distortion and chronic neuromuscular conditions. Written in a clear and user-friendly manner, Live Pain-free Without Drugs or Surgery includes detailed descriptions and photos of the exercises as well as online videos to make the exercises very easy to follow at home. The book offers valuable information on basic body care along with individual treatment protocols for eleven of the most common conditions that cause people to seek medical attention: Headaches Neck and shoulder pain Low back pain Knee pain Fibromyalgia Tennis and golfer’s elbow Carpal tunnel syndrome TMJ Plantar fasciitis Thoracic outlet syndrome Sciatica Thousands of patients and students from all over the world have benefited from Integrated Positional Therapy. Now you can benefit in your own home from the same simple program for permanent relief from neuromuscular pain without surgery or drugs. Item #2 - 6 DVD Library with specific exercises for painful conditions including: DVD 1: Pain Relieving Solutions for: Low Back, Hips, Knees, Hamstrings DVD 2: Pain Relieving Solutions for: Upper Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Jaw Pain DVD 3: Pain Relieving Solutions for: Foot Pain, Ankle Pain, Achilles Tendon Pain, Calf Pain DVD 4: Pain Relieving Solutions for: Hand Pain, Thumb Pain, Wrist Pain, Elbow Pain DVD 5: Preventing Painful Conditions: Pain Relieving Lumbar Pillow, Pain Relieving Sitting Positions, Pain Relieving Computer Positions, Pain Relieving Driving Positions, Pain Relieving Breathing DVD 6: Core show with the Bonus Q&A. Item #3 - E-book Eliminate Your Lower Back Pain fully-illustrated downloadable e-book with a step by step solutions. The contributor will receive O-Card with E-book access. Item #4 - Lumbar support pillow -- Back support pillows provide extra support while sitting in an upright position. They help align your neck, back and hips, as well as improve your posture. When sitting for long periods of time it can be difficult to maintain good posture.
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