DVD: Easy Yoga for Diabetes with Peggy Cappy

DVD: Easy Yoga for Diabetes with Peggy Cappy

DVD: Easy Yoga for Diabetes with Peggy Cappy
In a new routine, Peggy Cappy demonstrates her signature yoga approach in a daily workout for people struggling with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Divided into seven separate instructional segments, the exercises can be done at home, all at once in just over an hour, or one segment at a time for beginners.

Standing/Seated Breathing and Stretching

Reclining/Seated For Hips and Lower Back

Reclining/Seated Additional Stretches for Hips,
Back, and Thighs

Side Lying/Seated Sequences for Hips, Back, and

On the Belly/Seated Poses for the Back, Chest,
and Torso

Standing/Seated Yoga Pose Flow/ 3 Versions

Reclining/Seated Body Scan Relaxation 

The statistics confirm it—the incidence of diabetes in the United States is on the rise. 30 million Americans are living with the disease and a staggering 86 million have been diagnosed with a pre-diabetic condition. A growing body of research suggests that yoga can be helpful for people living with diabetes and/or at risk for it, paired, of course, with the right diet.  Dr. Lisa Nelson, co-author of Yoga and Diabetes, explains that the practice of yoga, even with the poses that are fundamentally done while seated, works through the stress reduction pathway, bringing down cortisol levels, which can help bring blood glucose levels into a
more normal range. She also explains that yoga has been shown to help with balance, muscle strength, flexibility, and improving circulation.

In this one-hour documentary (found in the ‘Extra” content section of the DVD), Peggy Cappy
shows how yoga and the right diet can positively impact the struggle with diabetes, with moving first-person accounts, and interviews with doctors expert in diet and nutrition.

For over forty years, Peggy Cappy has been teaching yoga to students of all ages and abilities. Peggy’s other programs include Easy Yoga for Arthritis, Easy Yoga: The Secret to Strength and Balance, and Back Care Basics.


Running Time:   Approx. 118 minutes


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