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COMBO: The I Can See Clearly Now Connection Collection
"The I Can See Clearly Now Connection Collection" contains: DVD, I Can See Clearly Now Book, I Can See Clearly Now 6-CD set, Divine Love 7-DVD set, Modern Wisdom from the Ancient World Book/CD For the Sender: Love Is (Not a Feeling) by Alex Woodard Book, Nurturing, Healing Love by Scarlett Lewis CD, Letting Go by Skye Dyer


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DVD: Dr Wayne Dyer: I Can See Clearly Now
EXCLUSIVE to PBS stations March 1, 2014 through March 31, 2017! EXTRA material! Dr. Wayne W. Dyer employs an intimate conversational format to reveal many of the private challenges behind his public success. He also describes the five key principles for seeing clearly now, which have guided him through all his important life choices, and which are available to you as well. These five principles--willingness, determination, fearlessness, compassion, and love--make up the rungs of a sacred ladder that can bring us all closer to our Source.


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BOOK: Goodbye, Bumps!
In Good-bye, Bumps!, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and his daughter Saje tell a remarkable story from her childhood in which she was able to overcome a physical condition in a very unique way. In the telling of this story Saje and Wayne teach children the important lesson that when something is bothering them, they can change their attitude toward it and not allow it to have power over them. This book will help kids understand that some things about themselves can be changed and others will always be with them, but what matters is how they choose to think about these things. In addition to its valuable lesson, this charming story will remind all readers, both young and old, of what can be done with the childlike belief in what is possible. Hardcover, 32 pages; published by Hay House, February 25, 2014.


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