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The Fenby Webster Medical Care Fund


At Wayside Waifs, our veterinary team sees it all: comatose dogs, broken bones, painful hip injuries, eye injuries, animals that have been shot, heart murmurs, stomach twists - just to name a few.


Many shelter animals come to our campus after years of neglect, while some come with recent traumatic injuries.  Our commitment to providing compassionate and humane medical care to the Waifs has prompted us to create The Fenby Webster Medical Care Fund. Named in memory of our founder, this special fund will underwrite life-saving medical care provided by Wayside Waifs and our veterinary specialist partners. 


A gift to The Fenby Fund will directly fund the medical care of our most sick and injured - providing life-saving surgeries, diagnostic testing, treatment for injuries, and so much more.  If you'd like more information about The Fenby Fund, email or call 816-986-4410.


Make your Fenby Fund gift today online at waysidewaifs.org or by mail at: Wayside Waifs, Attn: Fenby Webster Medical Care Fund, 3901 Martha Truman Road, Kansas City, Mo. 64137.



Fenby Fund Success Stories




Mac was only one month old when he was transferred to Wayside. He was suffering from dehydration and diarrhea, weighed less than a pound and was barely clinging to life. Wayside veterinarians recognized the need for intensive care that he could best receive in a foster home. Mysteriously he began to develop what appeared to be burns along his chest and back. They did not heal with conventional treatment. Wayside veterinarians went the extra mile (and dollar) to perform a skin biopsy to determine Mac's problem. He was diagnosed with a rare skin condition in which he lacks the strength of collagen in his skin - this condition means that he needs to be handled with TLC, live indoors, but should otherwise be expected to live his happy life. Armed with this information, his foster mother was able to provide the extra protection he needed to heal his skin. He is now happy, super-cute and has been adopted. 





Mera is now happy, healthy and in a forever home



A Good Samaritan saw Mera running down the street with a chain wrapped around her back leg. Thankfully they were able to catch her and bring her to Wayside for much needed help. When Mera arrived at Wayside, our veterinarian determined the chain had been tied around her leg for nearly 14 days! Her injury was heartbreaking. We knew something must be done immediately so Mera was placed on pain medications and antibiotics right away. Her leg needed to be removed so she wouldn't develop Sepsis - a deadly blood infection that spreads through the entire body. Mera is a resilient dog and healed from surgery well. Only five weeks after her leg surgery, Mera was adopted. Now she's spoiled rotten and despite having her leg amputated, she plays and runs daily! When you donate to Wayside, you allow animals to receive life-saving care. Duke, a 1 ½ year old Yorkie mix, came to Wayside Waifs as a stray walking on only two legs.





Here are some examples of life-saving care your gift will do:

• $250 mass removal surgery and biopsy

• $1,000 gift can provide life-saving medication for 75 animals battling severe respiratory infections

• $3,000 orthopedic knee surgery


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