Call your representative: Voice support for the Water for the World Act

dirty water

Please join us in advocating on behalf of the 748 million people who lack access to clean drinking water and 2.5 billion do not have access to proper sanitation.

In 2012, diarrhea, just one of the illnesses frequently caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation and hygiene, claimed the lives of nearly 1,400 children under 5 every day. That's nearly one child every minute—a higher death rate than malaria.

Call your representative to voice your support for the Water for the World Act (H.R. 2901). This bipartisan bill will:

>> Help to direct funds for clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to the countries and communities most in need, in recognition of evidence that the biggest benefit comes from helping the people living in greatest poverty.

>> Advance best practices in bringing clean water and sanitation to communities, including better monitoring and evaluation.

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I would like to ask the representative to cosponsor the Water for the World Act (H.R. 2901).

Thank you.