Stop Child Slavery. Right This Human Wrong.

Millions of children around the world are trafficked and enslaved through forced labor, sexual exploitation, and child-soldiering.

This is a human wrong.

Ask your senators to support the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act - the cornerstone of U.S. policies against slavery. This bill will allow the U.S. to remain the global leader in the fight against modern-day slavery by preventing vulnerability, protecting survivors, and prosecuting those who enslave men, women, and children.

Because the methods of human traffickers are constantly evolving, the law must evolve with them. That is why the TVPA must be renewed every few years. Each time the bill is renewed, innovations and improvements are added.  The current TVPRA expires on September 30.

Our acts make a difference!  Mobilize your friends and family and ask your senators to support this legislation so that there is no gap in the fight to stop human trafficking.

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