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Israel has faced nearly a full year of ongoing terrorist attacks in the form of stabbings, shootings and other abhorrent violence by Palestinian terrorists, resulting in numerous deaths and critical injuries. Over the last several days there has been a surge in the attacks against Israelis, with Israeli security officials on high alert fearing an escalation of attacks ahead of the Jewish High Holy Days.

This past August, Fatah, the party of President Mahmoud Abbas listed one of its main achievements as having “killed 11,000 Israelis." This incendiary claim is yet another example of the dangerous rhetoric and incitement coming out of the Palestinian Authority. On June 30, a 19 year old Palestinian teenager ran into a house in Kiryat Arba and stabbed to death a 13 year old Israeli teenager as she slept in her bedroom. Hours later, two Israelis were stabbed in broad daylight in the city of Netanya. A few weeks prior on June 8, two Palestinian terrorists opened fire in a popular Tel Aviv café—killing at least four people and critically injuring several others. Hadassah welcomes American condemnation of these horrific attacks and urges the international community to do the same. This must stop.

The world must put diplomatic pressure on the Palestinian leadership to condemn the ongoing wave of terror as soon as it happens. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' past statements of incitement, referring to the violence as a "justified popular uprising," endanger mutual interests and the future of peace in the Middle Eastexacerbating tensions that fuel ongoing Palestinian terrorism.

Urge your elected officials to continue pressuring the international community—and especially the Palestinian leadership—to condemn the ongoing violence. Hadassah continues to encourage the United States to take a leadership role in urging the Palestinian Authority to return to direct bi-lateral negotiations with Israel.


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