Stand With Israel Against Palestinian Violence

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Expand Access to Affordable Child Care

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Urges Congress to act on legislation to help ease the financial burden on families who seek access to high quality care for their children.

Urge Continued Action on Human Trafficking

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Urge state and federal legislators to continue the momentum to support victims of human trafficking and penalize all those profiting from the trafficking enterprise.

Urge Your Senator to support Israel and denounce UN Resolution 2334

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Urge your Senator to Denounce UN Resolution and to vote in support of Israel

Demand Research for All

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Raise awareness about gender disparities in medical research and urge your legislators to act.

Fight for Equal Pay!

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Urge Congress to continue the fight for pay equity!

Promote Education & Awareness of Women's Preventive Health

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Preventive health saves countless lives! Urge your Representatives to co-sponsor the Women's Preventive Health Awareness Campaign.

Advocacy for Gender Equity in Medical Research - Senate

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Medical research, diagnostic tools, and treatments based on male physiology lead to misdiagnosis and compromised health care for women. Advocate for the Research for All Act and all efforts to ensure medical research benefits women and men equally.

Speak Out for Reproductive Rights

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On June 27, the Supreme Court ruled to protect a women's constitutional right to make her own reproductive health choices. Make your voice heard in support of reproductive rights!

Thank your Representative for Denouncing UN Resolution

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Thank your Representative for Denouncing UN Security Resolution 2334 as an obstacle to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Advocate for Gun Safety

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In the wake of the horrific Orlando shooting, urge your legislators to enact gun safety measures to protect our nation from violence.

Combat Violence Against Women

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Urge your legislators to speak out about violence against women, in the U.S. and abroad. The U.S. must send a strong statement that ending violence against women and girls is a top American priority.

Promote Caregiving Support

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November was National Family Caregivers Month! Urge your legislators to take action before the end of the congressional session.

Speak Out for Hadassah Values

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Hadassah stands firmly committed to our values. We are mobilizing an army of advocates to make sure our legislators share our commitment and we need YOU!

Thank Elected Officials for Continuing Support for Israel

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Thank your elected officials for their continued unwavering support for Israel and a strong U.S. Israel Relationship.

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