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Give the gift of Hadassah Membership to loved ones or friends and connect them to a community of caring and powerful women, where there are endless ways to effect change—a place where they can put their Jewish values into action and connect with Israel. For children under 17, a Child Life Membership is the most meaningful gift for a newborn baby, bat mitzvah or a young woman that will connect them for life to the land of Israel.

(Girls receive all benefits of Life Membership when they turn 17.)

Benefits of Membership

  1. Subscription to award-winning Hadassah Magazine
  2. Exclusive travel offers and missions
  3. Advocacy, health and Zionist education programs
  4. hNews - Hadassah's National eNewslatter
  5. Local Hadassah activities
  6. Professional networking opportunities
  7. Access to Hadassah Members' Insurance Program

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