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Welcome to Registration For Our 2019 Economic Empowerment Summit!

Full Registration - Includes Lunch and Panel Discussion

This option is for participants that wish to attend the entire portion of the Economic Empowerment Summit. Please choose your 3 classes within product options. If you wish to only attend the lunch portion of the summit, please choose our other option.

“The Psychology of Eating: A Mind Body and Nutrition Approach.” Erika Quezada 
One of the most fundamental building blocks of nutritional metabolism is neither, vitamin, mineral, nor molecule. It’s our relationship with food. It’s the sum total of our innermost thoughts and feelings about what we eat.  (CDA Area: 1) 

“How Chronic Stress and Depression Affect our Community.” Frances Baxley, MD 
Chronic stress and depression have high prevalence rates in our community. Women are particular vulnerable during pregnancy and post-partum period. As mental illness is a parent can have a lasting impact on a child’s development, early childcare workers can make a difference a child’s life by recognizing these conditions in the parents and helping to direct them to services.  (CDA Area: 8)

"Social Marketing: Establish Your Presence In A Digital World" Luis Castellanos
This segment will take an "autopsy" look into creating, establishing, and maintaining a footprint in today's digital world. We will discuss best practices for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN etc. Q&A portion will allow time to ask concerning strategies, doubts, or insecurities when creating a public image. (CDA Area: 6)

“Persuasive  Marketing” Michael Marion
Persuasive Marketing will provide a basic understanding of argumentative principles and tools with which participants can apply said principles. (CDA Area: 6)

Racial Justice
“Cultural Competent Family Engagement” Edna Pompilus
This class will build from recognizing trauma in students, how it can look in the classroom, and the solutions to building an inclusive educational community. There is an emphasis on culturally competence work with students and families ensure all students will be invested in their education and success thereafter. Participants will walk away with examples and ideas of fostering engagement with families for better outcomes. (CDA Area: 3)

“Facing the Elephant in the Room: Communicating Productively about Race” Cindu Thomas-George
This interactive workshop will provide participants with an understanding of why the topic of race is usually the elephant in the room and equip participants with knowledge and skills necessary to productively navigate conversations centered on race. The reality is many people feel uncomfortable and under-prepared to talk about issues of race, and this workshop encourages participants to feel a bit more comfortable in the uncomfortableness of the topic. (CDA Area: 3)

“Steps to Creating Wealth”
PNC Bank 
In this class, attendees will learn about ways to reduce expenses, increase income, and learn ways to create wealth and plan for retirement. (CDA Area: 6)

“Succession Planning” PNC Bank 
In this class, attendees will be better positioned to begin the succession planning for their business. Different options will be discussed and follow up appointments for more discussion will be available.  (CDA Area:6)

"The Art Of Professionalism”
Shrome Kennard  
This workshop is designed to identify the characteristics of professionalism and branding your personal image in your business.  (CDA Area: 6)

“Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” Marvin Benbry
Leadership is learned not inherited. If you apply the universal laws of leadership, you can become a leader.  (CDA Area: 6)

“What are your V.I.T.A.L Signs?” Malcolm Newsome
Just as a doctor checks vital signs to ensure a patient’s health, you can learn the five key things to check to ensure organizational health. (CDA Area: 6)

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