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Welcome to Registration For Our 2019 Economic Empowerment Summit!

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YWCA Lake County's (YWCALC) Annual Economic Empowerment Summit on April 6, 2019 is a one-day comprehensive development, training and education opportunity for community members seeking to fine-tune and enhance their financial knowledge, business acumen, personal well-being and leadership skills. The day will feature continental breakfast, moderated panel luncheon, several instructor-led workshops and networking opportunities. The programming content features multi-faceted subject matters that inspire professional growth and empowerment including among others:

• Techniques for Marketing in Social Media; 
• Insights and Examples on The Art of Professionalism;  
• Skills, practices and strategies through Leadership Training and Development; 
• Networking among conference participants who share the same passion for Breaking Barriers!
For more information visit our website: https://www.ywcalakecounty.org/breaking-barriers



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